Friday, January 30, 2009


Here are some of the photos I was trying to upload the other day!

Another picture of my room. Unfortunately there's a preschool/day care downstairs and the outside plaza they use is right below my window. So I've been doing my studying in the living room. It works out really well though considering I'm the only one home during the day.

This is the living/dining room.

Here's the kitchen

And yes...a spanish home is not complete without a pig's leg. These things are all over the place. Restaurants have tens of them hanging from the ceiling and all of my friends say their señoras have them in their kitchens as well. It's been here since I got here, which makes me wonder what its shelf life is. I'm pretty sure the pork we ate one night was cut directly from this.

This is the ceiling in one of the rooms at the museum. Isn't it gorgeous? I must say, the architecture interested me a little more than the art. This pictures doesn't even begin to do it justice.

This is the Plaza de España. Some serious google research told me that it was built in 1929 for the Spanish-American Exhibition. It's in the shape of a semi-circle and absolutely magnificent.

This is in the Plaza de España. Every city in Spain has one of these. Unfortunately, the Sevilla one appeared to be under construction. I studied in Cádiz 4 years ago, so I thought it was the next best thing.

Well, there's not too much else to report. It was a fun weekend in Sevilla. We experienced the nightlife like the locals do, ie I didn't get home until 4:30am the past two nights. We went to an awesome discoteca last night called Buddha. It's three floors and the decor is beautiful. The night before last we went to a small Flamenco show, which was also a lot of fun. Today, I slept until 2:30 and then met my friends for the movie, Doubt. There's one theater in town which shows films in their original language with spanish subtitles. We all commented that we would have been lost had it been in dubbed in spanish.

I don't have too much going on this week. It's my second and last week of my intensive class, so we have our final on Friday. Saturday I'm headed to Granada on a trip through the program. It was snowing there today, so I hope the weather gets better this week! It's been raining here like crazy! It's rained the past 4 days and they're predicting rain every day this week! No me gusta. (I don't like it). I've got my fingers crossed that they're wrong. I've also been checking daily and it never has the right weather. It's no Tom Skilling.

Hasta luego,

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